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a supplier of illegal substances
big dealers have a large suppliy , which is usualy supplied to trusted smaller dealer that would make a small profit but return most the money to the big dealer
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003
to sniff a line of a powder drug eg"coke, rit
Yo, rail this fucken coke
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003
General name for a drug dealer when u dont want to or cant say their name
k ill have to call buddy to see if he has any.
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003
a hard drug made from mixing pcp, and embalming fluid, than drying it on mint leaves or tobacoo, to be smoked,
your moms a bitch
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003
a big ddob, usually at least 2 paps wide and 2 paps longs
puff on the magic wand
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003
a person who runs to their dealer's house to purchase illegal drugs for someone else
could u do me a favor and be a runner, and get me some weed
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003

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