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When a man master baits by tazoring his penis
Guy 1: what was with all the noise in the Bathroom?
Guy 2: Oh that? i pulled a Rapid Worm
Guy 1: Ewe that's Nasty
by Sk8erinhuman November 17, 2010
When a Panda has oral sex with a certain prostitute that is making weird animal noises that give others a clue
My best friend Tyler just pulled an Asian Cow Bear on my recent ex-girl friend
by Sk8erinhuman November 17, 2010
When a man has anal sex with a teenage girl dressed as a panda and make annoying panda noises.
Guy 1: Ewww it sounds like they are pulling a Noraa
True: Noraa is Aaron Spelled backwards
by Sk8erinhuman November 17, 2010
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