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Jugment Yard was established as a community center in August Town, suburb of Kingston, Jamaica by Sizzla Kalonji.
Although Judgement Yard is an organization of sorts, it is also a geographic location located at 42 August Town Road, which is where Sizzla maintains one of his residences. Judgement Yard is also the home of Kalonji's state of the art studio, as well as his record label, Kalonji Records.
As the owner and founder of the Yard, Kalonji is responsible for many youths in the community of August Town, as well as youths who come from other areas to seek assistance and guidance in life as well as music. Many of these same youths who are members of Judgement Yard fraternity are musicians or have some direct affiliation with the music through production works, artiste works, etc.
Wow ! Sizzla Is The Founder Of The Judgment Yard !
coool !
by Sizzla Kalonji,Sizzla,Kingston November 07, 2010

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