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the male sexual disorder often characterized by the inability to ejaculate due to the excessive consumption of Dogfish Head beer, thereby exhausting your wife, girlfriend, mistress, life partner such that she has to tap out and finish you off in the morning.
After an evening at the Turtle with the "Wild Hogs", Mr. Marino returned home to seduce his wife by massaging her back only for her to later discover that he had Dogfish Dick.
by Sister Wives January 17, 2013
-a way to notify others of your long term leg pain when both parties are tired of saying and hearing "my leg hurts"
Once again I awoke from a yet another restless slumber to find that still ma'legurtz.
by Sister Wives September 09, 2011
A picture taken of yourself at a funeral, preferably next to the deceased, that is planned to be shared via social media. The deadlie snapper recapture an audience that really doesn't care about them. It is the ultimate selfie
I snapped a selfie with Joan Rivers once however I only wish I had the chance to get a deadlie with her at her funeral.
by Sister Wives April 10, 2015
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