2 definitions by Sister Pheonyx Takeshi

Pubic Bears - noun.

1) wild bears, found most prominently in the wild, bushy pubic hair of young atention whores

2) the McDonalds ty Teenie Beanie Bears given free with happy meals
1) Free the pubic bears, Rachael

2) i got Yassie, The Yellow Pubic Bear!!!
by Sister Pheonyx Takeshi October 06, 2005
1)derivative of Emo, invented by Emmah used to seperate ghey wannabes from cool individualists, who happen to choose a look slightly simillar to the attention seeking whiners.

2)good Emoh, as oposed to bad Emo.
1) Rachael is Emo, while Elfy is Emoh. Elfy does not have pubic bears.

2) Das-UberNuN: Dude, you're so Emo
xX-Sugar-Xx: no, i'm emoh
Das-UberNuN: no, cheryl, you am teh ghey
by Sister Pheonyx Takeshi October 06, 2005

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