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/Bwehb/ (Verb) 'To Bweb' - To argue continuously until you win in a bond villain-type fashion.
"Omg I was Bwebbing so much with this guy last night, but yeah, I pwnd his ass in the most Khellamendra way!"
by Sirisness March 07, 2007
Jentish /Jen-tish/ (Adj.) Describing someone of an evil nature.

"Teacher, Scott is being awfully Jentish to me today~! He stole my eraser!"
by Sirisness March 07, 2007
/Bayl-fire/(Noun)1.) A word not used in polite company used to refer to the Apocalypse 2.) A profane interjection.
2.) "Holy Baelfyre! We're All Gonna DIE"
by Sirisness March 07, 2007
/Fat/ (Adjective) 1.) To describe extreme sarcasm. 2.) Attempts at amusement. Facetiousness.
"Charles was being too phat around his teachers, and was sent to the principals office daily."
by Sirisness March 07, 2007

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