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When someone kisses someone, then farts, they pull a pagey. Comes from the idea of turning the page and turning the stomach.
Wow that kiss was mefhwerf (fart sounds) ooh you PAGEY!
by SirPagey May 12, 2008
The phrase said by someone when shooting a video on bullying for GCSE media, when they want to be heard in the back of the shot.
Scene: Boy reading text, that has bullying written in it.
in background, the words "oi dave" can be heard.
by SirPagey May 12, 2008
Letter before it usually is, and stands for:

Milf = mum ild like to fuck
Silf = Sister ild like to fuck
Dilf = dad ild like to fuck
Nilf = Nan ild like to fuck
Gilf = Girlfriend ild like to fuck
Filf = Flid ild like to fuck
Man your mums a MILF!!!!
by SirPagey May 13, 2008
An Insult, someone who is a ass can be called a jew, for any reason, yet mostly because of failure to supply goods or money, the ideas that jews are stingy.

Also a religion.
Fuck sake toomey your such a jew.

Hi im a jewish man.
by SirPagey May 13, 2008
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