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noun: An extremely negative behavioral characteristic specific to a person or group.

Also usable as an adjective: shitiosyncratic.
Her habit of ending every sentence with a high tone, implying a question, is that skank's worst shitiosyncrasy.
by SirHangDangly May 24, 2011
Sex with your ex; often shameful, and rarely a good idea. The imbibing of too much alcohol and the existence of too much loneliness are contributing factors to this condition.

(aka the postmarital pickle tickle)
Did I just see your ex-wife driving away from your house?
Yeah, we were engaging in a little postmarital sex.
by SirHangDangly February 13, 2011
To cause someone to lose interest in men.

Also usable in the past participle. i.e. dickscouraged
Chick 1: I can't believe he dumped me! Men suck.
Chick 2: Don't let that asshole dickscourage you from all men.

Chick 1: I think all men are cheaters. I'm so dickscouraged.
by SirHangDangly September 28, 2010
The set of terms used by nerds in order to communicate with one another. Nerds will often become upset or enraged when these terms are misused.
Dude: There is no way my rear shields can withstand a curry attack today.
Nerd: They are called "aft shields." Get your nerdmenclature straight, dude!
by SirHangDangly August 26, 2010
The highly specialized region between the sphincter and genitals that only a hermaphrodite can possess.
Dude, that guy/girl's skirt just blew up and I caught a glimpse of its hermaphrotaint!
by SirHangDangly July 27, 2010
When a small fart is released while exercising or performing some other physically strenuous activity.
I was holding his feet for sit ups in gym, and he let out an exerfart right into my mouth! It tasted like chocolate chip cookies!

I picked her up from the bed to bury the sausage in her whispering eye and I accidentally exerfarted!

My dad is so old, he exerfarts every time he gets up from his chair.
by SirHangDangly December 24, 2011
The power to predict when a political candidate's daughter or mistress will become inconveniently pregnant.
My powers of insemivoyance tell me that we will soon learn of an out of wedlock little Wiener running around somewhere.
by SirHangDangly June 07, 2011

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