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A tumblelog maintained only during the summer.
Hey man, did you upload those photos to your Summblr yet?
#summer #tumblr #blog #tumblelog #website
by SirBlondie May 29, 2011
Slang for penis, dubbed thus because of the alfalfa sprout-esque aroma of male ejaculate.
EE: What's wrong baybay?
PPK: I think my alfalfa spout might be broken. It just won't seem to go solid snake.
#penis #dong #alfalfa sprouts #genitalia #skeet
by Sirblondie June 15, 2009
Reading Attention Deficit Disorder. Used to describe people incapable of reading anything longer than a blog post, magazine article, or short story.
Mom: I've been having a lot of trouble staying with books recently, but it's not like I don't read. I noticed I'm always reading a magazine or a short story collection.
Son: You have RADD.
#add #reading #americans #mind rot #books #stories
by SirBlondie January 09, 2009
when a man pees, preferably into a conventional toilet bowl but alternatively a urinal, while victoriously waving his clenched fists over his head, as tribute to the pleasure of manhood.
Though it started as a fight, we soon realized that warm feeling was neither blood nor sweat--but freebirding. Also, we're gay.
#pee #piss #toilet #urinal #manliness
by Sirblondie June 21, 2009
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