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18 definitions by SirBlondie

Similar to a low five between two bros, but with the added flair of a sixth digit, aka one's dick.

Commonly performed on nude beaches, this is seen as the ultimate gesture of friendship.
"dude bro i was giving this guy a low five but he was so clutch that it became a low six"
by Sirblondie December 07, 2008
Used to describe something so incoherent that you forgot how to spell incoherent correctly.
Peekay: if i tell you falsehoods long enough
Peekay: the truth will fade into a haze
Peekay: 1984
Ethane: no
Ethane: you are not that powerful
Ethane: that requires super gayin level 4
Ethane: and though most people think you're well beyond that
Ethane: I know you're only super gayin level 2
Peekay: i don't even
Peekay: that was so uncoherent
by SirBlondie December 24, 2008
A couples dance move recently made notorious in night clubs in which the man grinds up against the woman from behind all the while clutching her love handles tightly for balance.
I was dancing with this beautiful, chunky woman last night, so I busted out the love handler, and it was all smooth sailing from there.
by SirBlondie December 22, 2008
The galvanization of two pieces of internet jargon (see: barrel roll, troll), a barrel troll is a video game centric troll.
"Fox, quick, be a barrel troll!"
by SirBlondie December 16, 2008
A greeting between linux users. Linux + Knucks = Linucks
Sys Admin 1: "Dude, just installed the latest debian distro."
Sys Admin 2: "NICE MAN, LINUCKS."
by SirBlondie January 24, 2009
acronym: In My Mother Fucking Opinion
As a general statement:
Dolphins are seven time more badass than sharks, immfo.

In conversation:
Her: Can I sit down?
Her: I want a divorce.
by SirBlondie March 01, 2009
A hand gesture made to simultaneously say goodbye to someone and express sorrow for having failed their expectations.
Honey, I'm sorry I wasn't the man you thought I was. I guess it's time we part ways. I guess it's time to... Google wave.
by SirBlondie May 29, 2011