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The desirable outsome of a one or a series of acts.
Charlie pokes suspected bee hive.
Mac: Ok, alright, don't poke at it, just get it safely down into the box.
Dennis: Dude, you're going to aggitate the bees.
Charlie: Well, I'm fine with the bees, it's the honey I don't want to aggitate.
Mac: Is that your endgame here, honey?
Charlie: Yea I figure we keep the hive in the basement and we'll always have honey.
Dennis: We'll always have bees is what we'll always have!
Charlie: Whoa!
Dennis: what?
Charlie: I think I just say a wasp.
Dennis: That was a wasp.
Charlie: Did you see that, it looked like a wasp right?
Mac: Is this wasp nest?
Charlie: This is a wasp nest.
Mac: I'm out, I'm out.
Dennis: Yea, I don't want to tango with a bunch of wasps.
Charlie: Hey! Do wasps make honey?
Dennis: No, wasps do not make honey.
Charlie: Alright. Well I'm gonna check it out anyway, there could be something delicious in here that wasps do make, and I want that.
by Sir Wilhelm Schnotz August 22, 2010

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