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Just when you thought you couldn't get any worse than crackwhore, I came along and invented the crackslag. Kind of like the megazord of crackwhores. A megacrackwhore if you like. Enjoy using this word, Created by the Rt.Hon Sir Toby
Your just a filthy crackslag, mum!
by Sir Toby October 10, 2005
A generic term used to describe homosexuals of either sex, especially if the person under considerations' gender is somewhat hazey. Obviously a simple merge of gay and lesbian, Coined by the Rt.Hon Sir Toby
Look at that gaybian whipping that ginger kid's ass at the bar!
by Sir Toby October 10, 2005
Used to describe wrinkley bald men. Anyone with a bald head and a wrinkley forhead can be described as a scrot face.
Fuck me that guy is a real scrot face!
by Sir Toby October 10, 2005
A modification of an old favourite with a replacement of the noun bitch with an apparently less offensive synonym, but think about it.. would you like to be the son of choir boy molesterer? Thought not! Also handy as your less likely to get pulled up for shouting this at the top of your voice!
Ian... You low down, dirty, yellow bellied son of a bishop!
by Sir Toby May 16, 2007
Slimy post sex residue that leads to vaginal squelching for a short time afterwards. Can also be used as a derogative term for anyone you dont like. Can also be pronounced "booergooer Peerst". Rt.Hon Sir Toby and Miklitoris
Did you just follow through dear? Oh no, its just bugger paste darling.
by Sir Toby October 10, 2005
A term used mainly in football (Soccer, not crappy gridiron) to describe someone who shoots like they have a banana on the end of their leg than a foot. The booit part originates from the word boot, but when pronounced in a yorkshire English accent is pronounced (ban-aah-na) boo-it!
Used at hillsboro to describe the shingled inbringle Michael Boulding ploughing a shot into the stand:
"Fuckin banana booit!"
by Sir Toby October 10, 2005
A filthy sack of shite. Use this term to describe any little shit! Coined by Rt.Hon Sir Toby and Miklitoris
Shut the fuck up you stupid little rugger bag!
by Sir Toby October 10, 2005
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