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When you dip your dick in ink, and then proceed to smack it on a girls face while she's sleeping. She'll see the imprint in the morning, and be surprised by the mushroom stamp.
Yo dude, my girl woke up this morning with a mushroom surprise.
by Sir Stampalot February 08, 2009
A drink, of sorts, consisting of three drinks taken one after the other. It is an addon to the traditional Bear Fight which is an Irish Car Bomb and a Jägerbomb. In a Panda Bear Fight you follow the Bear Fight with a Sake Bomb.
We were at the bar and wanted to start the night off right. A fellow drunkard recommended a Panda Bear Fight. It was like a polar bear, a black bear, and a panda bear fighting all the way down. It was epic!
by Sir Stampalot June 25, 2011
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