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(A). One who wipes they're own asshole causing severe burning and irritation.

(B) One who takes it in the ass causing major burning censations.

(C) A guy driving a pick up truck that cuts you off and slams on the brakes causing an annoyance. This also includes an asshole that drives a pick up truck that tailgates you when driving.

(D) A guy driving a pick up truck that is doing the YMCA in it.
1. Damn I just wiped my ass with that rough toilet paper and I feel like I've got a case of major fire bung combined with potato chip ass.

2. That fucking fire bung in the Ford F150 cut me off at the exit.

3. Look at that stupid fucking fire bung in the truck next to us blasting the villiage people.
by Sir Spanksalot June 01, 2011
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