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6 definitions by Sir Smurfalot

The Mexican Martial art: Usually involves pulling out a concealed gun or knife during a fight.

The name comes from the accent of many Mexicans when they try to say the word "You" it comes out "Chew or Jhew" and they way they run enlish words together making the phrase "You Don't" sound sort of like "Judo"
Watch out he probably knows Mexican Judo...\

(fake accent) Judo-know if he has a knife, Judo-know if he has a gun.
by Sir Smurfalot May 12, 2006
The act of shooting someone in the face. (With a bullet, a load of cum or whatever)

Also referes to the two part act of:

A) Shooting someone in the face. (by whatever method)
B) Having them apologize to you for you shooting them in the face.
You were supposed to swallow it bitch, not make me Cheney all over your face.

Sorry Sir!
by Sir Smurfalot May 11, 2006
Someone who has more money than they could ever possibly spend.
"According to Forbes, Bill Gates is a Fucktillionaire."

Forbes top 10 Richest Fucktillionaires:

1. William H Gates III
2. Warren E Buffett
3. Karl & Theo Albrecht
4. Paul G Allen
5. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
6. Lawrence J Ellison
7. Alice L Walton
8. Helen R Walton
9. Jim C Walton
10. John T Walton
by Sir Smurfalot May 12, 2006
A modern derivation of Kung Fu found when a fight breaks out in the middle of the dance floor, mosh pit, or rave.

Usually involves the offending party being drunk or otherwise drugged and making an ass of themselves followed by an ass kicking under the bright flickering lights of the rave/dance floor which makes the whole thing look that much cooler.

Raver 1: "What the fuck happened?!"

Raver 2: "I dunno that fucktard pulled out a knife and the other guy went all Rave Fu on his ass!"
by Sir Smurfalot May 12, 2006
Stomach problems (pain/diarrhea) caused by bad food or too much food.
Person 1: "Dude, whats wrong? You look like hell!"

Person 2: "Man I should not have eaten those leftover hot wings, they gave me the bad belly"
by Sir Smurfalot May 12, 2006
The douchepatch is the tiny patch of hair deliberately grown on the lower lip. It is basically a stupid, upside down mustache, worn only by douchebags, fratboys and Howie Mandel.
"Did you see Jen's new boyfriend?"
"Yeah, he totally had a douchepatch...WTF is she thinking?"


"Hey! That drunk asshole with the douchepatch just grabbed my tit!"
by Sir Smurfalot June 19, 2014