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An internet photo of a man streching his anus to un-realistic proportions.
( )O( ) <-Anus

"You've been goatse'd!"
by Sir Scorn October 31, 2007
A term used to describe the action of those whom train their dogs wrongfully to preform sexual acts such as rim jobs or blow jobs on the trainee.

Essentially exploiting ownership of said animal and mistreating it for sexual purposes.
He trained his German Shepherd to give him a Rim job, that is a clear act of Missdog and should be reported immediately to the officials.
by Sir Scorn April 09, 2011
A compromise of two words meshed together to congratulate a graduate of a college, or university students success.
Congraduation, Michael!

I Congraduated Michael on his recent College graduation the other day,
by Sir Scorn September 03, 2010

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