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derogatory term that is factual, and is therefore not a derogatory term. As a result, it makes the user seem useless.
Bob: Don't be such a wanker.
Ben (in response): Don't be such a piss kidney.
Bob: What? What kind of insult is that. You idiot.

(The phrase originates from the television show Peep Show, series four).
by Sir Rory of Prestonia October 18, 2007
mean-spirited nickname for a mildly intelligent person who thinks they're an absolute genius.
BEN: The complexity of the piece just show the narrow mindedness of the Manchunian people, as they fail to realise the error of their inverted, and quite frankly, archaic ways.
BOB (whispers to BRIAN): That wanker's got a Shakespeare complexion.
by Sir Rory of Prestonia October 18, 2007
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