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An automobile that only a woman would buy or drive (e.g., a winner of Consumer Reports' Best-Buy and JD Powers' Highest-Reliability ratings; typically a five-door hatchback with extra safety features, excellent gasoline mileage, under 120 horsepower, and a roomy interior for stowing and carrying several dozen pieces of gear.)
Irritated by her husband's purchase of an icky Dodge Hemi Challenger as his everyday car, Irma resolved to buy a vulvo for her personal use.
by Sir Rantsalot December 11, 2009
A woman or girl so outraged by men's behavior that she becomes irrationally convinced that females are always correct, and males always incorrect.
After being dismissed by four boyfriends in succession, Wanda became a rabid vulvalante, and began limiting her social circle exclusively to women, meeting with them frequently to berate males.
by Sir Rantsalot December 10, 2009
One who, when caught acting illegally, mounts a self-serving public-relations campaign in lieu of repentance.
Congressman Buncombe marked himself as a complete blagotist when he appeared on Larry King the night before his sentencing.
by Sir Rantsalot December 07, 2009
John said, "I am currently dating a breasted person named Mary."
by Sir Rantsalot December 06, 2009

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