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Alaine is normally a male, middle age (35-55), and sort of smelly and has the nature and demeanor of a hobo, or sort of ragidy, old, fat man. Alaines are usually nice and friendly, especially to the children (Bow Chicka Bow Wow.) And they keep to themselves, not normally having many friends.

The main things to know about alaines is that they are usually friendly, and safe for the most part, but keep them away from special "substances" (Ie Cocaine, Heroine, PCP, etc.) They sight and smell of such things will drive them insane, and the results of the interaction may leave you mentally, physically and emotionally scared. No joke,
stay away from any shape or form of Alaine with anything like that,
for your own good.
Hoe Scout # 1: "Dude, i drove out into the old red light district last night with a bag of coke in the car, and my car got swarmed by a group of crazy Alaines!"

Hoe Scout # 2: "Word? Good thing you had your tazer on you!"
by Sir Pimpus John Boy December 02, 2007
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