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Getting high via marijuana. Can be done so through a straw or tap, and most often from a bottle.
"I drank sooooo much water at lunch man, now I'm completely hydrated."

"Yo Griff-Dawg, have you been drinking water?"
"Sick dude! Totes awks."
"Whatever man, I'm hydrated."
by Sir Pekorn January 04, 2012
Pronounced "dierk"
On contrary to other common beliefs, a "dirk" is one who is annoying on a constant basis. However, "one-time" or "in the moment" dirks are those with the same traits but only for a short period of time. "Dirks" may also be marked as such due to a faulty, stupid, or inaccurate remark, and any other characteristic pertaining to obnoxious behavior.
"Fuckin' griffin, what a dirk."
"Don't be a dirk. Come on man, use a condom.
by Sir Pekorn November 03, 2011
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