4 definitions by Sir Moist

the act of a blunt or joint burning faster on one side than the other.
Fix that blizzy because it's boating.
by Sir Moist July 10, 2008
The stage in a penis after you jizz. The shaft is in between being flaccid and boner worthy and is red from stroking or sex. The visual result is a cock that looks like a red elephant trunk. Usually at this point you start to get dressed and leave the bitches house.
She keep giving me dome even though I was finished and had developed red elephant trunk.
by Sir Moist June 29, 2008
what you call yourself when you have liquid poo.
Call me chief brown water because I just pissed out my ass in your bathroom.
by Sir Moist July 10, 2008
A girl with a fine, tight and nicely rounded ass. Titus was developed by taking the term "tight ass" and cramming into a quicker spoken version as to not alert the hottie you are talking to your boy about her incredible cannonball glutes and making yourself look like a tool.
Oh John look ahead, titus at 12 o'clock.
by Sir Moist July 10, 2008

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