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Possibly planet earths crappiest town in the history of the world. Whoever believes Didcot is anything BUT a pile of penguin poo deserves to be thrown in the middle of a giant man-eating penguin mosh-pit and unable to manoever at all until he is crushed or eaten to DEATH!! However, Didcot will not be this for much longer on account of the fact that loads of decent shops are being built, which means I won't have to go to Oxford or Reading, just to buy a half-decent PAIR OF SOCKS! Didcot will be O.K and better than Abingdon, HA HA GUTTED YOU MISERABLE, HOMOSEXUAL ABINGDON..ISH SPACKOS!!!!!!!!!
Crap-faced loser from Abingdon: Oi, Didcot is so crap, I can't tell if it's a landfill site or a Furnace. Hurrraghpll!
Moi: SHUT IT Fool
Thomas the Penguin: *waddles along randomly*
by Sir Mike Rotch III December 07, 2004
website that sells CDs, Books, DVDs, PS2 games, Xbox games, Gamecube games, Game boy advance games, mobile phones, i-pods, CD players, minidisc players, DVD players, PS2s, Gamecubes, Xbox's, PC games, ringtones and more. They sell everything cheaper than everywhere on the high street and dispatch it earlier than you'd expect.
Why leave the house when you can log on to play.com
by Sir Mike Rotch III January 23, 2005
kick-ass CD by Green day that features most of their greatest hits from 1994-2001, such as Basket case, Welcome to paradise, time of your life and Warning. Sadly, the released songs from Shenanigans and American idiot can't be on there coz they weren't even written when this album came out. It also features three new songs and has a homosexual-ish album cover, but I don't give a shit.
Person: Oi, which green day album should I buy with my pocket money? Coz I like Nimrod but Dookie has more famous songs.
Moi: Buy the international superhits album, it has their best songs
by Sir Mike Rotch III January 23, 2005
village below didcot, full of chavs who live on caravan site. has tiny skate ramp, golf place and a petrol station. Wowee!
person: wanna come to blewbury with me?
moi: Why would I wanna do that
by Sir Mike Rotch III January 23, 2005
school I have the 'privelege' of attending. Sucks arse but then again, which schools don't?
Teacher: Blah Blah Register Blah Blah Algibraic Formulae Blah Blah Tectonic Plates Blah Blah Shakespeare Blah Blah.. (It appeares that this teacher teaches more one subject!!!)
by Sir Mike Rotch III January 23, 2005

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