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An area - usually your room - where you go to watch porn or just to beat your meat over someone
Rob spends all his time in his masterbation station watchin' animal porn
by Sir Marc Wilcox February 16, 2009
A home made facial, spaff tache - straight from the vainy love tree
(Adam) Im gonna shoot my load!!
(Kirsty)Wait put it on my lips and give me a cum tache!!
by Sir Marc Wilcox February 06, 2009
The end product of a good anal sesh.Solid cable made more fluid with the introduction of a males potential babies
Russell: Fuck Yeah!!!

Mo:Godddd Damn It Russ, your spaf is makin turnin ma shit into Rusty Treacle!!
by Sir Marc Wilcox February 20, 2009
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