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Castle Crunk is the name given to the legendary party house located in Glenview, IL. It has seen approximately 100 parties in it's short history. It is a living legend among students at Glenbrook South High School.
Dan: Yo, let's call the King and see if we can stop by the Castle tonight.
Nick: Yeah, I'm down. I like kegs and girls so the Castle sounds good.
Freshman: Hey Dawg, can i come to Castle Crunk?
John: No...
Wigger: Hey J nizzle, is it straight yo if I come with my crew nd my hoez to the castle? and dawg you best not let them Bloods come, you know im fixing to shoot them.
John: No, wiggers and pieces of shit aren't allowed. There are no Bloods in Glenview. Thanks
by Sir Lancelot June 09, 2006

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