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We often take our ability to speak and make sounds foregranted. One day the creator was exercising is sound making ability and he came up with something that sounded like "eyyyyyyyyye eyyy." words and even languages often evolve from the simplest of sounds, and for jabaja, this was the beggining.

Jabaja is a word that means anything and nothing. Jabaja is the blank canvass that the jabajger can fill with his or her thoughts and emotions. To correctly pronounce jabaja, one must first think of some one saying "Yeh" in a somewhat nasal fashion. The next part is pronounced as "beay." combine the two and you will say jabaja.

The gramatical rules of jabaja are simple. One must pronounce all J's and Y's and if one wishes to have a J pronounced as a j one must put ".." ontop of the J. In the word jabaja and in all words containing jabaja, the end a is writtten but not pronounced; it is a silent a (to make the end a heard, and extra a is added). All other rules are the same as they are in english.

to make the jabaja hand sign, put your fingers together and allow your thumb to rest ontop of them extend you arm. NOTE: the hand must be sideways like the position you shake hands in. The hand can never be palm up or down, ESPECIALLY not down for that is a dirty salute. The reason the sideways hand was chosen is because its simple to do, and it feels as if you are "presenting' the jabaja to someone. The motion of the hand must be as follows: the arm must be thrown forwards like a starter starting a race, the hand (with wrist cocked back at almost 90 degrees0 follows the arm and the wrist snaps shut(to almost 0 degrees) while the hand is moving. In a consecutive jabaja, after the first 90-0 snap, the wrist reapeates this motion with either the whole arm motion reapeating of just the wrist motion. It is not nessacary to accompany your jabaja with the arm motion.

jabaja has many words that are "branches of jabaja"

esadaraja, shalamaja, bajawaja


doompj doompj

ousi ousi

Jem Jem

* these are just guideliness to jabaja. Everyone finds their own jabaja, so be creative!

To Make a new jabaja, jabajas sometimes yell jabaja in all forms at each other until a new, good sounding one is created. This is called quick jabaja evolution. ie. sadarajadajemjem + esadajsarjadakurra could be-> Dajasadaja!
long jabaja evolution is when the whole pronuciation of jabaja is changed over time

eyyyy eyyyy-> abaaay-> yabai-> jabaja!

jabaja is very addictave and almost impossible to quit saying; however, it gives humanity a place to express it's feelings, and also lots of fun to say it among friends.
use it at your own risk.
Dajasadaja, please kurrajabaja the cat
(a mother, fluent in jabaja speaking to her jabajaling)

she wanted my benajaajaa so i put it in her kurra and she went esadajemjem!

kurra is a word of misunderstanding, perhaps its the only word that doesnt mean anything and everything.
by Sir Jabajaalot March 10, 2008

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