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7 definitions by Sir Fist

Superb blowjob that makes the vagina pretty redundant
No need to go near the vaginaraptor, she mouthhumps like a pro
by Sir Fist August 15, 2010
Girls who does not have breasts
Girls boyfriend - Why do you call her fishtits?

Legend - Fish dont have tits
by Sir Fist August 11, 2010
A frightening beast that plagues most girls.

The vaginaraptor is confusing and desirable but is ultimatly not as good as a decent mouthhump
T force - Be on the lookout men

Sir Fist -What for?

T force -Vaginaraptor, fucking Twilight bring them out in the hundreds, all looking for prey after the gay cryfest
by Sir Fist August 15, 2010
Someone who isn't on the O2 network so cannot partake in free texting between actual O2 members
That guy is so hot, Im gonna text him. Shit! NO2
by Sir Fist August 15, 2010
A girl whos vagina is so tight, getting anything in there is a huge mission, usually requiring energy drinks and sweat bands
I bet shes like a tentbag, probably touches herself with a headphone jack
by Sir Fist August 15, 2010
The call of people who are legendary enough not to use the Commando perk in Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2
Noob - I fucking love Commando, its because Im so good and have a negitive KD
Legend - I CommanDONT "dropshot pwn"
by Sir Fist August 15, 2010
Lotion intended for use on your face but used as a masturbating aid
Shit, Im out of facial lotion. Its okay, I got some toothpaste
by Sir Fist August 16, 2010