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A phrase used to describe female with a toxic, foul smelling vagina that rivals the Chernobyl accident. Don't be fooled by the cover of the book here, bros. Typically Skunk Puss is experienced in women you bring home from the bars or clubs so proceed with caution.
Guy 1: Hey Derp, look at that those two chicks sitting by themselves. We should go talk to them and see if we can pull some random strange tonight.

Guy 2: Thats not random strange bro. I know one of those chicks. The one on the left is herpette, Derp herpsons Ex GF. She's got mad skunk puss dude. And if she's got it I dont trust any Scally wags she hangs out with either.

Guy 1: Ah shit, good call Derp. We better Evac this Haz waste containment.
by Sir Derp of herppington October 15, 2011

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