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Can be used as an adjective for intoxitation, replacing drunk, stoned, high, blazed, fucked up or as a noun replacing any substance that cause hallucinations or intoxication such as weed, shrooms, weed, beer, or vodka.

Also can be used as a noun to replace bong, piece, stoner, drunkard, druggie, alcoholic, pimp, drug dealer, or moneymaker.
"Matt is such a heiner."
"Man matt, while you always gotta be heinered?"
"Man this is some good heiner."
"I'm just a heiner, what can I say the girlies love me."
"Man Shnitz, you are such a heiner."
"Yo eric, stop bein such a heiner and pass the heiner."
"That heiner is off the heezy, I wish we had some more heiner so we could hit the heiner again, but then again, we aren't heiners so we can't buy that much heiner, damn i wish i was heiner, then all are heiner problems would be solved."
"Like a heiner, like a heiner, what can I say."
by Sir Crunkness January 19, 2005
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