2 definitions by Sir Chico

When a guy is eating out a girl who is having period, he sucks the blood into his mouth. He then puts his lips to the girl's anus and blows the blood into her butt. When the girl farts, it looks like a volcano seeping lava.
"Oh God dude, last night this girl had me give her a Texas Volcano. I can still taste the blood!"
by Sir Chico September 24, 2009
A fetish act in which a person who is suffering from diarhea poops on the chest of another person. A third person then takes a "regular" dump on the chest. The turd slides down the trails of diarhea and slightly resembles a log flume.
"That girl I slept with last night had some crazy poop fetish. She wanted me to get another guy and have us give her a Colombian Log Flume."
by Sir Chico September 22, 2009

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