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A suburb in Victoria. Piece of shit, scummy boganville full of bogans. I know 'cause I'm unfortunate enough to have to live here. True, there are nice non-bogan people here but mostly it's hairy slobs who live off beer and slutty women who wear trackpants and lowcut tops without a bra (in a bad way). They can't spell and probably don't know the definition of grammar.
Among the teenagers, they have chipped teeth from fighting and probably don't know how to spell the WHOLE of their name (or where they live, hence Wezza).
Drugs are very commonplace and it's not suprising to meet people under the age of 15 who have had sex (kind of disgusting).
Some of the primary words used in Werribee are "cunt" and "bro"all the while using the -I-can't-prounce-the-g-in-my-words accent.
Example of Werribee:... Scum.
by Sir Baconback June 20, 2011

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