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Anyone who has read Kevin Hearne's Hammered of the Iron Druid Chronicles knows that fuckpuddle is a proper term for the douche bag Thor, as well as what it is called when you walk in on Frost Giants having loud squelchy sex.
Man, that douche is such a fuckpuddle.

We walked in on what could only be described as a monstrous fuckpuddle. ("Graah slap-slap-slap, Graah)
by Siodhachan July 25, 2011
Excessive spending on food and drink
I went to Europe and couldn't help but feel as if I was suffering from abligurition.
by Siodhachan August 21, 2011
An incestuous desire for one's niece
Technically I'm an uncle, but I'm the same age as my niece, but she's so smoking hot, I can't help but want to tap that. I may be suffering from adelphithymia!
by Siodhachan August 21, 2011

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