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3 definitions by Siodhachan

Anyone who has read Kevin Hearne's Hammered of the Iron Druid Chronicles knows that fuckpuddle is a proper term for the douche bag Thor, as well as what it is called when you walk in on Frost Giants having loud squelchy sex.
Man, that douche is such a fuckpuddle.

We walked in on what could only be described as a monstrous fuckpuddle. ("Graah slap-slap-slap, Graah)
by Siodhachan July 25, 2011
An incestuous desire for one's niece
Technically I'm an uncle, but I'm the same age as my niece, but she's so smoking hot, I can't help but want to tap that. I may be suffering from adelphithymia!
by Siodhachan August 21, 2011
Excessive spending on food and drink
I went to Europe and couldn't help but feel as if I was suffering from abligurition.
by Siodhachan August 21, 2011