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2 definitions by Sinz

Stephen Robert Irwin (22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006) was an Australian naturalist, wildlife expert and television personality. He was best known for the television program The Crocodile Hunter, an unconventional wildlife documentary series which he hosted with his wife Terri Irwin that was broadcast worldwide. He also owned and operated the Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland with friend William Rollo and his wife. He died after being stung directly in the heart by a stingray while filming a documentary segment for his daughter's show.
Steven Irwin died from being stung in the chest by a Sting Ray.

He was god
by Sinz September 04, 2006
A drink made by adding Cough syrup from walmart,gatorade,dish washing liquid,and a bit of koolaid, was invented in early 2006 by a 15 year old from kentucky who goes by 'Sinz' it has became popular by many rappers, Purple Stoof should never be drank'en but sipped.
many people confuse purple stoof with purple stuff, they are 2 differnt things, purple stuff is for pussys.
bum1: dat nig sinz was sippin' purple stoof on his front pouch!
bum2: lets rob him of his purple stoof
bum1: na sinz is well known to be da baddest E-Thugg on da net
bum:2 oh.
by Sinz May 05, 2006