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more formally named the glove "compartment" or glove "box", the storage facility located on the passenger side of a vehicle. Renamed due to the fact that this storage unit usually contains a plethora of useful and usless items...along with a random ketchup packet.
"Man, you know you can't leave condoms in the glove department...it gets too hot!"
by Sinnnamin February 04, 2010
formerly known as "construction" paper, it is the brightly colored paper thicker than writing paper used for art and craft projects. Renamed due to the expansive amount of left over scraps that destroy the planet through waste, destroy the room the project was made in and destroy the table that it gets glued to accidently.
"You have five minutes to clean up that mess you made with the destruction paper or you're going to be grounded"
by Sinnnamin February 04, 2010
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