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The act where you take all five of your fingers and press them together and proceed to press it on to a friend who has their hand in the same position.

When all your fingers on the same hand is touching one another, you proceed to the motion of a high 5!!!
I gave a Little 5 to all the girls at Goldies party!!!
by Sinnah24 October 15, 2009
A pet name that one calls a girlfriend or spouse. Its a word that they seldom like to be called but they allow it because they know they are called that out of love.
Me: I love you Jerky Turkey
Her: Don't call me Jerky Turrrrrrkey
Me: I love you babe
Her: I love you too big head
by Sinnah24 February 06, 2010
Pressing all of your finger tips together and then bouncing it off of another persons hand in the same position
Since the chicks are so cool Im gonna give them a little 5 instead of a hi 5.
by Sinnah24 October 19, 2009
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