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alrighty, since this scene kid thing is such a fight, i'll add on. yes, i'm one of those 'scene kids' , yes i'm part of one of those tight weird groups , who listens to crappy music. but why does everyone care what we do? we're gonna express ourselves the way we want too, and you shouldn't judge us. my wardrobe, is like 40 band tee-shirts. skinny jeans, some boot cut, and yes vans. converse. but i still have a pair of those nike shox. i mean, we aren't as weird as you guys put us. we have our style , and so do you guys. you preps wear all hollister, all american eagle, any brand name. and we wear graphic tees and band shirts , what make us so different? what bothers us more, is for most of us, our music is our life. we do everything with our ipod in our ears. yes, i listen to some of those scream bands, and metal, alternative, but i also listen to nicer bands like mayday parade & go radio. you typical 'preps' listen to lmfao, lil wayne, bruno mars, lady gaga. but we don't judge you guys, as much as you judge us. you wonder why we are insecure to add people, & socialize with everyone. we get judged EVERYWHERE we go because of it. there's always those people that give us the dirty looks and everything. and no, we don't have sex with eachother. i know alot of people think since we're such a tight group we are bound to fuck eachother. i always found that entertaining.
scene kids.
side bangs, black, dark brunette, or blone. with brightly colored extensions.
piercings, many.

studded belt, white or black
band tees , graphic tees
converse or vans
jeans, doesnt have to be SKIN tight like everyone says they have to be

long hair is a must
doesnt have to be straightened, but alot do.
tight jeans isnt neccessary.
band tees-graphic
vans, DC's, converse.

like i said, many people are different. it just depends on your group really..
by SinkOrSwim0094 November 22, 2011
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