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A small country that has great shopping districts and food.
Consist of mainly 3 different races, Chinese, indian and malay. Have a lot of foreign talent because the population is too small. They dry their clothes outside with a bamboo pole.
It is very clean and though it has a lot of fines on various different things, it is a safe city. This is because it has never experienced a natural disaster. The education here is also competitive and becoming better. Singapore is also one of the countries that has the most number of kpop fans in the world. It is also called the garden city because everywhere you go there are trees and plants. But a name that contradicts this is cement city, because there are alot of buildings too.
Guy1 : Hi! Where are you from?
Guy2: Singapore.
Guy 1: Oh...I love your country's black pepper chili crab!
Guy 2: Glad you had tried something local. How about Durians?
by Singaporean kpop fan February 19, 2012

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