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The UDF is a group of men who stick up and look out for one another. For too long have most men been going at it alone leaving us vastly outnumbered and vulnerable.

The UDF's is a brotherhood that serves as a forum for general relationship advise, do and don’t does, and offers a very BIAS point of view.

We follow fundamental rules of engagement such as:

1) The shitness Scale- what the lowest acceptable rating for dating, relationship, or casual encounter

2) The Ladder Theory- overcoming the "ur a great friend" vows.

3) Breakup/heartbreak Rules and Codes

4) General Pickup and Release 101
5) General Knowledge Transfers

6) The All Mighty Rules of Engagement

This isn’t a group against women, quit the contrary, all REAL men love and respect women. The UDF is created for the sole purpose of education and unification.
Johnny F. "Man i keep getting shut down, I am on a 6 month dry spell, help me Byran!"

Byran "Dude you need to join the Unified Dick Front, Trust me"
by Sinfamy June 03, 2010

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