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Checking out good looking women while doing an other action, like working out or fixing the roof.
1. Dude stop wolfing around we have 10 minutes to finish this...

2. Dammit she saw me wolfing around and now she thinks that I'm a pervert!

3. My gym is great for wolfing around, it's full of hot chicks!
by Sinass October 06, 2006
A person in an advanced stage of drunkness and/or intoxication. Used as a derogatory term when talking about the person in general and as an adjective if such a person is nearby.
1. Man, you can't drink for shit, you're such a fuckin' Party Jake!

2. Holy shit Eddie is soooo Party Jake right now !
by Sinass April 07, 2006
1. A person of very low intelligence.
2. A person with an unattractive physique.
1. Just shut the f*** up you gnulsun...
2. Damn, look at that gnulsun, he sure is ugly !
by Sinass April 05, 2006

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