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when the conversation ends
geek: have you heard of roboman 3000 of the galactica empire'th latethd gadget? i juthd got it yethderday acthually. itth hith fifth powerup beam and a rather imprethive one at that, compared to hith earlier modelth and of courth ath you probably didn't know roboman 3000 generally activayth hith yellow powerup beam, and the redcorpth defierth of planet xithron on atrabania colapth from himuthurma poithning and roboman gainth a thuperior advantage over the nornax runnerth with hith fall of all dead living undead aura. hyuh hyuh hyuh! ath he thaid it himthelf, no nornax thall live to thee the light of day ath long ath i control the warriorth third thun, but of courth thith latethd one is purple colored around the edthes. ath you probably didn't know, the resulth are even more imprethhive, *snort* thankth to the multi-aura prethet that ith. hyuh hyuh hyuh! i bet you didn't know he hath over nineteen different aurath. hyuh hyuh hyuh!

seemingly preoccupied guy: ah

*conversation ends*
by Simple Shit April 23, 2008
Fairfield is in fucking California, you retard.
Fairfield is in fucking California, you retard.
by Simple Shit April 13, 2008
the dick way to say TV
Guy: hey, I wonder what's on television.
Guy 2: you're a fucking dick, you know that?
by Simple Shit April 18, 2008

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