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The large hump of putrid fat that sits just above the female vagina, in some cases this may need lifting up to belly button level in order to complete such bodily functions as urinating and sexual intercourse. This hump is especially disturbing to those who gaze upon it if the female in question is wearing tight trousers, such as yoga pants, or a mini skirt.
"So I took this girl home the other day and had to strap a belt around her fanny fat so I could get to her pussy."

"That sucks"
by Simonob May 15, 2013
The act of handing over cash or credit card payment to a pimp in exchange for the opportunity to beat up, inject with acid and anally rape one of his prostitutes.
"I went to the gay bar and ordered the Jeffy D Special!"

"Any good?"

by Simonob May 15, 2013

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