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A hybrid generation stuck between the analogue Baby Boomer and digital Generation Y.

Because of their dual identity(half analogue/half digital), Gen X have been put under economical oppression. It is more profitable to invest in the homogenous Baby Boomer and Gen Y. Investing in Gen X means splitting the money in two witch leads to un-optimal performance for the economy.

Another drawback of this dual identity is that it is easy to make them look like whatever you want them to be. At first they were compared to lazy communist, so that the Baby Boomer would not need to give them room on the work force. Secondly they were compared to violent and aggressive terriorist, because they tried a little to hard to get back to work forcing the Baby Boomer wall while woman and immigrants were being accommodated. There is a step three to come that i will not mention here.

Woman and immigrants of the same age group are exempt from this conspiracy.
So, if you have chest hair and don't need medecine to have an erection, i suggest you move to another country.

Generation X are also compared to the Lost Generation.
by Simoniac August 30, 2009

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