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Slang term for a man with a huge penis. Generally the term is used on a man that has a very thick and very long penis both unerect and erect.
Larry: Bend over you bitch and take my big schlong!
Barry: Stick that big schlong up my arse! Yeh!
Larry: You like it like that don't 'cha bitch!?
by Simon Whiteside February 03, 2005
Poodle-flaps is a term used to substitute a swear word when cursing. It is often used when under the influence of cannibis, and can be a response to something that you are incapable of formulating a lucid reply to. The term conjures images of a Poodle's vaginal flaps, and this is the intent.
Bob: "James, pass the pringles..."
<knocking over the pringles in an attempt to reach them>
James: Poodle-flaps!

<Upon making an error in work or college>
by Simon Whiteside February 01, 2005
A person (male or female) that often has cankles, is either grossly overweight (we're talking ripples and folds upon folds here) or are just really ugly and can't walk properly up stairs because,
1. They are grossly overweight and...
2. They don't know how to walk up stairs without stomping and making the apartment block shudder while doing so.

Generally, Moose-Heffers are lovely people.
Have you seen her? What a Moose-Heffer?
Oh God, it's Moose-Heffer. Brace yourself for the shuddering as she stomps up the stairs on her stumpy cankles
by Simon Whiteside February 01, 2005
A term referring to the tiny size of a man's penis. The penis must be circumstised and small (1inch long unerect) in order to resemble that of an acorn.
Barry: So, did you get laid last night?
Larry: Hell yeh, but the guy tried to fuck me up the arse with his acorn dick so I slapped him down and told him to bend over for my big sclong
by Simon Whiteside February 03, 2005

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