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3 definitions by Simon P. Waffle

Verb: to party or show symptoms or intentions of partying. Can be used in past tense to descibe being partied out.
I am going to straight up Andrew W. K. this charity event.

Everyone was all Andrew W. K.'d the next day at work.
by Simon P. Waffle August 28, 2009
When someone tries to holler at someone within 30 seconds or less. A last ditch effort to hook up.
Once the lights came on Brian micro-hollered at anyone he could.

She didn't talk to me all night and then she micro-hollered at me at last call.
by Simon P. Waffle October 18, 2009
Variation of the term lol. Meaning to laugh out loud. This variant can be used year round; but is geared toward Halloween season lols.
Person A: All of the rubber bats hanging here have fake mustaches on them.

Person B: lolloween. That's awesome.
by Simon P. Waffle September 23, 2009