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Beer, (Portsmouth) noun; alcoholic drink made from malt, hops, sugar, yeast and water (see also ale and shant)
Go on the skimmish, verb; to go drinking with ones chums sometimes associated with premier league football matches and recently FA Cup matches at Wembley (see WEM-BER-LEE). Skimmished-drunk
"I say Jeeves, lets get a skimmish on, I fancy a shant before the game? those northern monkeys will be well up for it, you mark my words"...."Indeeed Sir" (from Jeeves and Wooster at The Reebok by PG Wodehouse)
by Simon Newsham May 13, 2008
nonsense sub culture word and mispronounciation for the FA National Stadium called Wembley. Situated in Wembley in NW London WEM-BER-LEE is frequented by FA Cup semi and finalists from the rich four (although Portsmouth and Cardiff have gatecrashed the party) and play off finalists from the lower divisions of the football league. Also plays host to IN-GER-LUND matches and is probably situated in the most inaccessible area of the country. Flags and scarfs with WEM-BER-LEE slogan can be purchased from unofficial unlicensed scousers for a tenner. (fiver after the game).
"We're the greatest (insert team) FC and we're going to WEM-BER-LEE, WEM-BER-LEE...WEM-BER-LEE"
by Simon Newsham May 13, 2008

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