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A seasoned porn veteran. She knows all the moves, but has the ability to think outside the box (no pun intended). She is innovative with the regular routines, but more importantly, she creates new and particularly filthy sex acts. This is a compliment rather than an insult.
Wow, that bitch can consistently blow cum bubbles out of her ass, she really took the cum fart to the next level. I bow to you. Ron Jeremy will tap you on both shoulders with his triumphant schlong; you shall be knighted a true cum artist.
#cum angel #cum fart #cum #dick #schlong #porn #porn star
by Simon Lexington March 18, 2008
The book one uses to find the phone number of their internet service provider when they can't get the internet to work on their own.
aw fuck dude, grab the phone book, my internet's fucked and I wanna show you this bitch stomp on this guys balls repeatedly... it's hot.
#phonebook #book #fonebook #fone book #yellow pages
by Simon Lexington February 20, 2008
The condition in which a person acts in complete disregard of their status of glam.
David Bowie had a major case of glamnesia when he admitted to being a closet heterosexual.
#glam #bling #glamour #ballin #baller #bowie
by Simon Lexington January 29, 2008
Abnormally large vagina lips that, in their natural state (i.e. unclothed), resemble a turkey's waddle (i.e. the piece of skin that dangles from the turkey's beak). This does not occur in all women, just the ones with gigantic ax wounds.
Dude, that porn slut's turkey dangler is as big as my dad's work glove. Jesus.
#vaj #vag #vajayjay #vagina #cunt #clit #pussy #lips #snatch #twat #ax wound
by Simon Lexington March 18, 2008
The point in drunkenness where a person, ordinarily characterized as chill, chillax, or mellow, behaves in such a way as to be characterized as a retard, douche bag, or fucktard.
Homie, you should have seen Steven last night, that dude was losered! I've never seen so many girls' tits get spat on! Normally he's a chill guy.
#drunk #pissed #smashed #lush #puke #hammered #hammed #wasted #intoxicated #shitfaced
by Simon Lexington March 18, 2008
A synonym for vodka. Usually inadvertently uttered after a lot of the said drink has been consumed.
Dude, pass the vakaka! I'm gettin' losered tonight, son.
#vodka #rotka #smirnoff #losered #drunk #smashed #slammed
by Simon Lexington March 18, 2008
Describes a woman that looks like a man who is dressed like a woman. In other words, this adjective describes an actual woman that could easily be mistaken for a transvestite.
Guy 1: "Yo man, is that chick a dude? I swear to god she looks like Danny Bonaduce wearing pantyhose and makeup."

Guy 2: "Naw dude, that's totally a chick, she just happens to be very transvestlike."

Guy 1: "I bet she's got a turkey dangler the size of my dad's work glove."

Guy 2: "LOL."
#tranny #transvestite #dyke #gay #homo #turkey dangler
by Simon Lexington March 18, 2008
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