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Noun: An emotional condition commonly experienced during the recovery period following extreme intoxication. The shame spiral consists of continued, connected thoughts and emotions of lack of self-worth, shame, regret, embarassment and commitments to refuse to intoxicate oneself ever again.

Verb: To be emotionally engaged in the condition of a shame spiral.
Simon: How's it going, Chris? You awake yet?
Gary: Oh god I'm so hungover. I hate this. I hate myself. I'm never doing that again. What kind of a jack-ass was I last night?

Simon: C'mon, quit shame spiralling. It's no big deal. So, you got a little bit wasted last night.

Gary: I spent my last $50 on booze last night. I hate myself and want to die. I'm never drinking again. I can't believe I hit on my student last night. I'm such a pig. Go away.

by Simon Kiss December 12, 2006
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