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someone who isn't an instantly recognisable celebrity but isn't one of the masses. Someone that has some sort of celebrity status but their status is temporary - like someone who is on Big Brother or a weather girl or a drag queen
That guy is the guy who just got evicted from Big Brother - he's such a semi-celebrity.

I feel like Im a semi-celebrity

You think you're a celebrity, but you're a nobody...not even a semi-celebrity

She is sooooo semi-celebrity
by Simon Daniele July 18, 2005
Woman with money. Possibly a prostitute
Check her out! She's a Hoe with the Dough
by Simon Daniele December 02, 2007
Get it inya

Abbreviated word for "inside of you"
Get it inya

Hey get it inya

Hey babe, get it inya

You know ya want it, get it inya
by Simon Daniele April 10, 2006
Japanese apple. Grown from apple trees farmed in Japan. Smaller in size and more juicy than usual apples. Slightly more expensive than traditional Western apples.
Person A: "That apple taste delicious - it's fruity and juicy and miniature in size"

Person B: "Hey I've seen those apples before - they're grown in Japan aren't they?"

Person A: "Yeah these apples are from Japan. They're expensive...They're Japanapples"

Person B: "Oh I Love Japanapples, can I have one?"
by Simon Daniele August 09, 2005
A person who consciously aims to have sex with celebrities and then brags about it to their friends or the press to bolster or boost their ego or social status. It's also a word that will pass through any e-mail marshall a corporate business may have.
Person A "I just had sex with Brad Pitt. He's so good in bed."
Person B "You know what...you're such a Star Fukker"
by Simon Daniele August 08, 2005
To have ultimate European style
That leather jacket made him look stylishly wog
by Simon Daniele October 09, 2009
ultra slick; high class; quality; speedy and fast
You look so concord in those sneakers

That outfit is so concord

You are such a concord kinda guy, no wonder you can pick up chicks so easily, especially with that concord hairdo.

Check him out bro, he looks so concord

Any faster and you'd be concord
by Simon Daniele July 18, 2005

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