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1. Big female who hates her bra, because it never fits well, so is very common that the world learn to see her without bra.

2. Female who have a normal breast with big o very sensitive nipples, so if she wear a tight top, bluose or something like that; or the air is very cold; or simply she's happy or angry, everyone will notice.

3. A beautiful french girl.
1. - My boss's fiancée is a hot bras
less bitch. He's a lucky bastard!

2. - I think Eugenia is cold.

- How do you know that?

- Look at her breast.

3. - Who was Valerie Allain?

- The hot bras less girl in Yales's
"French In Action".
by simon August 24, 2004
Abbreviation for whatever. Used perhaps because the keys are in that order on the keyboard.
- Dude i'm going to get to see my dad i met only when I was born.
- wer. im sleeping
by Simon July 01, 2006
when a guy is alone he might want some love - no girls around he'll have to strangle Kojak.
see masturbate
"hey honey im going out for a while"
"alright time to get out my playboy and Strangle Kojak"
by simon June 17, 2006
1. Hot female, mainly in age to have sex,who likes to wear and show lace underwear.

2. The most comon girls in the adut japanese comics.
1. A lacegirl is the right kind of bitch to suck your cock early in the mornig.

2. Minako's underwear is so sweet, I think she's the best japanese lacegirl.
by simon August 24, 2004
n. A cum bucket
adj. A complete wanker
1. He bent me over, lowered his pants and used me for a toss pocket for over an hour. (Tony Blair commenting upon his last meeting with George Bush)

2. Tony Blair
by Simon March 18, 2004
The state of mind you are in after one has listened to one or more guitarsolos by the possibly greatest living guitarist John Petrucci.
-Kalle, I just listened to Fatal Tragedy, man that solo is so awsome.
-Lol, Petruccinated.
by simon October 22, 2006
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