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The highest rung in the heirarchy of the sexual church. To achieve this coveted title, a man must, after reaching the level of Bishop Bop-A-Loppy, bang the bung of his loved one. After blowing a load in the pooper hole, he must clean it out with his own tongue.
Bow down. Here comes Pope Bop-N-Slop. We are not worthy.
by Simmah December 13, 2003
The most coveted hole on the human anatomy. If you are let in or possess the back-door-key, the heavens will open and a light will shine down upon you as you liberally coat your lil saint with lubriderm and devastate the pooperhole.
I'll be yer boyfriend... smooch on yer pooperhole all through the superbowl...
~MC Paul Barman
by Simmah March 05, 2004
To execute a project forthwith and with confidence.
Ah, c'mon Billy, strap on a pair of fucking nuts and punch that cop.
by simmah April 01, 2004

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