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3 definitions by Silverlake

The same information repeated meeting after meeting at work.
"Anything new at the meeting today?"

"I wish. Ted drives everyone up the walls with the same 'ole deja spew."
by Silverlake March 12, 2009
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Wiicess – a break period during work or an academic class incorporating Wiis to bring back the play and interaction of the old style recess.
Mike – I just signed up for a 4 hour academic block at Clatsop Community College this fall.
Jason- You’re crazy. You’re either going to end up texting or gaming on your phone half the time.
Mike - Not this time, they’ve got mandatory Wiicess every hour. You actually get in some heavy duty physical activity to prime your brain and get you off your butt.
Jason - Wow! Hot brains and bods. Where do I sign up?
by Silverlake August 14, 2009
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Mandated "understanding" and "embracing" of other cultures through HR presentations that end up stereotyping rather than enligthening
Bill: Have you gone to the HR presentation on being culturally sensitive in the office?

Ted: Oh yeah, I am a duhversity expert. Now that I've seen a powerpoint and eaten ethnic food, I am definitely no longer culturally clueless.
by Silverlake April 09, 2009
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